Thursday, August 13, 2009

Planning The Wedding Video

It's your wedding. While memories of the ceremony undoubtedly conjure up at least a smile, the memory of dealing with all the minute details that went into planning the event probably causes an involuntary shudder.Yet it's those very factors that made your wedding the spectacularly romantic event I'm sure it was. And producing a wedding video is really no different; it takes the same planning, attention to detail and a realistic anticipation of potential glitches that did elevate my project from being just another wedding video to one that is a uniquely personal celebration of love.

Rather than covering the technicalities of shooting, the following those tips are meant to inspire my creative instincts during all phases of the production, from my first meeting with the couple to the final editing stages.

Planning my shoot, shooting my plan. With a wedding video, it's not always possible to have an exact plan, but following those tips helped me to keep my production on track.

It's all about the bride and groom. This is the most basic (and most important) tip of all. Keeping in mind what they want. Get as many shots of them as I can holding hands at the rehearsal, when they first see each other at the ceremony, walking out together after the vows, the little looks they give each other at the reception, laughing, dancing and enjoying the spotlight. Get other people to talk about them on-camera. Concentrate on getting those once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Meet with the bride and groom as far in advance as possible. On the practical side, It makes me sure know where each part of the wedding will take place. Many couples have their receptions and ceremonies at two different facilities. I’d found that having as much information as possible ahead of time will influence every aspect of my wedding video, from the types of shots I’ve planned for, to the overall look and feel in the editing phase.

Luckily still photographer is one of my best friends. So he did cooperate with me all the time and didn’t get between me and the action by ruining my shots.

The most important thing to remember during editing was that I wanted to present not only the scenes as they occurred, but the ambiance as well. Kept this in mind when I making decisions about title styles, colors, music and transitions.

Make it personal. I have produced over 100 wedding videos, but to this bride and groom, their wedding is a unique event. Edited accordingly. Look at the colors in the bridesmaids' and flower girls’ dresses , flowers and draw on this color scheme when creating their titles and DVD Covers. Whether the wedding is formal, casual, theme-oriented or traditional chose everything from fonts to music to reflect the personal aspect of the event.

As a wedding videographer, My most important goal is to establish a partnership between myself and the bride and groom.I may not be able to prevent them from having to deal with all the necessary details of planning their wedding, but with these tips,I did create a wedding video that will bring back nothing but wonderful memories of their wedding day.



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