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An Introduction To Wedding videography

Wedding videography is the documentation of a wedding on video. The final product of the documentation commonly called a wedding video is also being referred to as a wedding movie or a wedding film.

Types of Video Productions:

Wedding video has grown in recent years to encompass myriad video production offerings. Some are produced to be shown at the wedding or are delivered after the wedding.

Engagement Video

A video documenting the groom asking the bride to marry. Quite often filmed without the bride's knowledge.

Invitation DVD

Some invitation printers will include a DVD disc in a slot in the printed invitation. The DVD shows the couple and/or the parents on camera inviting viewers to the wedding and reception. The DVD is usually produced by the same videographer who films the wedding and may include footage from a Concept Video.

Photo Montage: (Also called video scrapbooks)

Includes but not limited to still pictures displayed on a video. Can also include sound bites and video footage, but is predominantly still photos.

Love Story

Traditionally an interview of the bride and groom about how they met, what they are like together and what their plans for the future are. Quite often the interview is inter-cut with romantic footage of the couple frolicking together or re-enactments of what they are talking about.

Concept Video

Typically a short film that incorporates to tell a story about the bride or groom or both. Quite often not related to the couple's real life.

Same Day Edit: (Also called a wedding day edit or wedding encore presentation)

A short video produced from the footage of the wedding shot earlier in the day, usually only incorporating footage from pre-ceremony, ceremony and post ceremony, that is then showed at the reception as a recap of the wedding.

Bridal Elegance

A video shot in the style of a fashion shoot that depicts the bride in her wedding gown. Can be done before, during or after the wedding.


A chapter on the final DVD that shows highlights of the ceremony and reception. Usually running under 10 minutes, highlights videos may be uploaded to You Tube and other social networking websites. The shorter highlights chapter is popular to show friends, while family might watch the full-length wedding DVD.


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